Shop Branding and Rebranding

Recently we started focussing on shop branding and rebranding, in its entirety. From the outset we help you create a vision for what your interior or shop should look like and by knowing all the technical challenges, we ensure a smooth and top-notch end result!

A Chimes van Wyk Attorneys - Interior

Stunning interior glass dividers were created using sand blast vinyl.

Carouse - Bar area

Inside the Carouse Club, we rebranded and installed lightboxes to enhance the overall atmosphere.

Carouse - Interior

Great care was taken with the installation of sandblast vinyl elements and the end result is stunning!

Kraaibosch Interior Wall

Using large format printing to create atmosphere inside the Kraaibosch Estate's sales office.

Zanzi Bar Sport Cafe

Refurbishment and new artwork for the external lightbox facing the street.

Zanzi Bar Sport Cafe - 2

Another large format print was mounted on cromadeck for the entrance to the Sport Cafe.

Zanzi Bar Sport Cafe - Banner

Added some portable rollup banners to the interior of ZanziBar

Zanzi Bar Sports Cafe

Large format printing was applied to an unused wall area, to bring out the "Captain" in you!